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It's been our honor over the years to install some of the most breathtaking garage doors in Las Vegas,

as well as provide the friendliest garage door repair service available in the Las Vegas Metro area. 

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What are some of the requirements from drivers who work for moving companies in Las Vegas.

  As in most states drivers who work for Las Vegas moving companies must be drug free. This should be implemented by every moving company in Las Vegas. As a company that is in the field of movers in Las Vegas it should be an obligation to make sure that the public, consumers, and property is kept safe simply by acting as a responsible business owner. An other words, if a moving company in Las Vegas or anywhere else allows a driver to drive while under the influence that company should Bear all responsibilities. movers Las Vegas

​  Drivers that work for moving companies in Las Vegas must have a CDL license if they operate vehicles that are 26,001 pounds or heavier. If a moving company is licensed to transport placarded hazardous materials legally the driver must also have a CDL license. However most Las Vegas moving companies that use trucks that are 26 foot or smaller do not need a driver to have a CDL license as most 26ft trucks do not surpass the 26000 pound weight. movers Las Vegas. 

  A driver that operates a truck for a moving company in Las Vegas must check the truck everyday before getting behind the wheel. They must inspect the truck's tires, check all lights, brake check, safety equipment, trailer coupling, and anything that can be hazardous. 

​  There's also a limit to how long a driver can drive in one day. And even though moving companies in Las Vegas have to do it as well it's actually a federal law. The (FMCSA) Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration says that a truck driver can be behind the wheel for a maximum of 11 hours in a 24 hour period. Truck drivers also have to take a 30-minute break once every 8 hours, meaning at least one break per 11 hour drive. In most cases movers in Las Vegas that are only doing a local move don't have a problem with that, it's when a moving company does a long haul delivery that it can come into play. Understanding those laws a truck driver can be expected to travel roughly 500 miles per day. After that it could come into question as how would the millage be possible without breaking one law or the other. I personally hope that all Las Vegas movers and their workers realize how important this is as road safety should be second to none. 

​  Stress management skills are also very important when it comes to drivers who work for moving companies. A company in Las Vegas called Frontier Movers Of Las Vegas will give any driver that feels overwhelmed a three day break to make sure that everyone is safe. In many ways movers have the kind of stress that most jobs don't experience. This is because many drivers are also part of the crew that actually help with the move itself. This can include lifting, moving, packing, and much more. mover Las Vegas

   Moving companies must also make sure that the driver is update on driving laws. This could be local laws as well as federal laws. A company that is licensed as a Las Vegas movers must be aware of Las Vegas laws, Clark County laws, Nevada laws, and Federal laws. 

   Drivers that work for movers in Las Vegas must show to have the knowledge and skills to drive a truck even if the weight is below 26,000 pounds. In fact a driver must get a signature from a qualified person, in some cases it can even be the owner or manager of the moving company. Drivers that work for Las Vegas movers must also have self-awareness. This is because even though there are laws regarding how much a truck driver can drive, in some cases if a driver is aware that he or she are no longer driving safely they can pullover and take a sufficient break from what can be a disaster situation. Frontier Movers Of Las Vegas says that all their drivers know that if they need a break from driving they can take it anytime without being deducted any hours of work. This is done so no driver that works for their Las Vegas moving company will ever be in danger or put others in danger as well.  

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